Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tip of the day
Tip: for healthier hair dust by using hair trimming scissors. By dusting or trimming your hair you help to stop and prevent split ends.
Split ends can cause frizzy hair, uneven hair, dry hair, and breakage. So why not avoid them all together.
Also if you don’t like trimming, then try the ‘Search & Destroy’ method. Unfortunately this method takes quite a lot of time.
For this method you need good lighting, take a section of hair and search it for split & damaged ends and cut just the damaged ends. This method works best for shoulder length and non-layered hair.
Good luck
Examples of split or damaged ends

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hair Growth/Progress

                                                           Taken November 11, 2010

Taken January 10, 2011

Taken March 10, 2011    

Taken April 11,2011

                                                            Taken June 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally a New Relaxer

I got my relaxer after a 10 week stretch, although my stretch wasn’t that long. Seeing as some people out there are able to stretch for about 6 months or more. Sigh, i havent gotten that skilled yet. I still feel that this was a great achievement for me in my hair journey, and there for I'm celebrate it. In these few weeks of stretching I've learned a great deal of  "What to Do" and “Not to Do”. I even learned what products work for me, and those that dont. Let me know if you like a list of the products that worked for me. Every step I've take in this journey to my ideal hair length, whether grand, or small is important to me, BECAUSE ALTIMETLY ITS WHAT LEADS TO MY GAOL.
So yup, new relaxer new length.  I had cut my hair on January 10 2011 from past arm pit length (APL) to above shoulder length, because i had a lot damage.  Honestly i blame the saw-in had had before for the damage. Anyways, at last after my 10 week stretch I gained all that length back.  So yeah I’m very happy right know

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dark Green- First make-up video

I just finished editing my first ever, make-up video! although i had previously attempted to make a make-up tutorial it never came out right, or i just was never satisfied with it. So finally after about 2 attempts i created a video i feel alright with posting. Its my first video so its not perfect. I plan on improving with the next video i make. Any mistakes in this one will hopefully be once i learn from:. After all that's what growing entails, learning from your mistakes.

here's a link to the video>>>

so here are some photos from the finished look. I hope you like them!<3

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

stretching isn’t that hard, so why not give it a go…?

OCTOBER 23 2010, retouched at home with olive oil perm

Today is March 24, 2011, and I've stretched for about 10 weeks so far. I'm not sure if this is the longest I've ever stretched, but I most definitely feel the strain of stretching. Over grown roots that are, simply crying out for maintenance. And as much as I would like to ignore this cry, feel time for a relaxer to save the day.

I most definitely plan on extending my relaxing day for a few more weeks, seeing as I have a very, very busy, few weeks to come. Honestly, I just don’t have time to get my hair relaxed at this moment, so the war between my roots and relaxed hair will have to continue.

That is for at least a few more weeks. For the time being, and the weeks to come, I plan on doing as little as possible to my unruly and fragile main. Wish me luck!

With much anticipation
Marz Bar

PS: stretching isn’t that hard, so why not give it a go…?